Monday, November 30, 2009

Martian Fleet!

I just finished all the cruisers and destroyers for my Martian Fleet for Full Thrust. Now all I need are a few capital class ships and I will have a fleet that can take on even the Ming! Soon they will take over all of mankind!

Friday, November 27, 2009

112709 - Tanksgiving VSF

The British Foot in Mouth Division and the 4th Steam Tractor Regiment attacked a Martian Colony of Muslim Martians today. The attack was a victory although many of our boys in red went to their God like true soldiers! The Muslim Martians deployed their steam spiders, scout steam engines and steam cruisers as well as a blimp and several smaller scout spiders. In addition the Martians utilized enhanced armor which protected many of their men from the rifle fire from our boys.

British Foot in Mouth (Rob and Howard)
General Nigel Merryweather and Pern
6 Regiments of 10 men each (each man representing 10 men @ 100 man Regiments)
1 Field Gun (representing a battery)
3 Steam Bots (Ro, Bot, and LongTom)
2 Steam-powered Armored Cars (Fredrick and Gretta)
2 Land Ironclad Cruisers (Bunderwiesl and St George)
1 Land Ironclad Dreadnought (Stan Engine - "Haggis")

4th Steam Tractor Regiment
3 Steam Tractors

Martian Muslims 23rd Planetary Protectorate (Mel and Jason)
Sheik Abu Ali Amandarn
5 Regiments of 10 men each (each man representing 30 men @ 300 man Regiments)
3 Native Guns (Representing 3 native batteries)
4 Steam Scout Spiders (Ibn Ibu)
2 Light Steam Destroyers (Crescent Moon)
3 Steam Cruisers (Allah's Sword)
Steam Spider (Amagon)
Madi Blimp
2 Martian Regiments of 10 men each (each man representing 10 men @ 100 man Regiments)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Continued Forays Into Zululand

The Royal Regiment of Foot in Mouth continues its trek into Gondwanaland searching for the elusive Zulu and German tribes. Now Super Scientist Professor Milo Mandrake Miller and his assistant The Lovely Andrea Applebottom head into the jungles with their new improved Steam Tanks and Armored Steam Wagons.

In place of the porters pulling the ammo and supply carts are steam engines which have been modified to run on a track using the Invisible Movement Continuation Machine. What superior engineering from the Royal Empire. Her Majesty is well pleased with the inventors of these marvelous machines.

The Case of the Portentous Planetarium

Pulp Game Cast of Characters:

Indiana Jones and Native Escort
Dick Tracy and Flatfoot Coppers
James Bond 007 and companion
Captain Wolf Barker and the US Navy

The Dragon Lady and her Tong Bodyguards
The Evil Dr No & Minions
Helga and the Nazi SheWolves of the Unterseeboot Weißwolf
Deter and the Zepplin Troopen

Venusian Arachnid Warriors Captured for Dr. No's Experiments

Can our band of heroes stop the unholy alliance between The Evil Dr. No, The Dragon Lady and the Nazis from uncovering the secret behind the Legendary Carapace of the Venusian Arachnid Warriors before it's too late or will the enhanced troopers of the evil triumvirate force the world to supplicate to its demands?
..this just in.. Dragon Lady spotted nearing Cairo...

# Players: 4-10 (depending on who wants to play)
Time: 2-3 Hours (depending)

This is the Pulp Game I am running using Warengine at Rhubarbs in Orlando at WarFlorCon December 12th. I may run something similar at Rapier 2010.

Monday, November 23, 2009

rhodesian crocodile - part II

I received my crocodiles in the mail today. They are two resin model kits from S&S Models. This is a picture of the base resin models. I have to look at some pictures to figure out how this thing is supposed to glue together. One thing I did not know about these is that they are about as big as my duce 1/2 models which makes them pretty big.

This is the first for my African wars stuff. I plan on getting some green stuff termite mounds together as well for terrain. I will also be able to use the mounds in my Nam scenarios. If anyone knows of any inexpensive ways to make water buffalo and 20mm African animals I am all ears.

I have also primed up some tractors and armored cars for use with my VSF.

Finally here are some WIP 20mm moderns for Spy vs Spy.

Tanksgiving Weekend

As most of you already know I am planning on hosting a variety of games starting Friday morning around 9ish and continuing all day to resume Saturday morning at 9ish until about 3pm. I have the following in mind but we can modify the list if you guys want.

Ambush Alley/Fog of War
Warengine (Modern and/or Vietnam)
Warengine 54mm WWII (If Ray brings them over)
Victory at Sea
Sword and the Flame (Colonial and Victorian Science Fiction)
Pulp Alley (I've been asked to run a quick game of this to try out the new rules and Mel seems to like this game)
Warengine Golgo Island (Perhaps a trial run before WarFlorCon on the 12th of December?)

Any other suggestions please let me know!

I hope to see everyone there!

Gun Trucks

For my 'Nam gamer readers I wanted to share this link about gun trucks which is from a period 'Nam magazine. It was posted on fields of fire reloaded by a member there and I snagged it! The mag shows some really interesting examples of the gun trucks used in country.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

VSF blog

While looking at VSF blogs I came across this one. which shows how to convert and create some really great 15mm steam machines! If he had a blogspot account i would have followed him. Cheers!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

S&S Models Rhodesian Crocodile

I have recently picked up two S&S Models Rhodesian Crocodiles from a seller on Ambush Alley games black market and will be showing them from start to finish. These are really neat transports that the Rhodesians used in their war against the terrs in what is now Zimbabwe. They could transport the quick reaction force into the terr zones and provide ground teams while the fireforce teams deployed overhead in their k-cars and g-cars (helos). Here is a picture of the crocodile.

New Blog Launched and weekend update

A friend of mine named Bryan has launched a new wargaming blog today. Check it out

We will be doing some FOF and VSF this weekend. I'll post pictures and AARs as I am able. So what is everyone else working on/doing?

We are hosting a big Black Friday and Saturday gaming event both days at my house. It is my hope to get a lot of gaming going on including AA/FOF, Warengine, VSF and possibly some ACW.

Monday, November 9, 2009

VBIED attack on IGB pt 2

The game was a lot of fun but we both felt that the Russians needed one more RPG (not necessarily an AT RPG) in one of the cells.

The US won by saving the brigade commander but the Soviets played a mean game blowing up the gatehouse with a VBIED and drawing a PT76 right off the bat in the game. I drew the card and lost a unit of unarmed soldiers. The Russians attacked with everyone on turn one and so the following turn my MPs showed up in their SUV and secured the HQ while the reaction force showed up two turns later. The swiss cheese card was placed on the HQ building and I drew additional support in the form of another Bradley with troops.

Sorry no pictures were taken during the game and I cannot post the force lists as this was a playtest of a scenario packet soon to be released.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

ACW... What if

I played yesterday a game of ACW. It was a 'what if' type scenario had the Confederates had the capability to attack the US as they marched back home toward the South. We played Union and had to roll each turn for the three brigades that were nearby to see if they showed. I had a single brigade defending against a brigade of Confederates and two additional regiments. I was in the woods one either side of a road which was an objective of the Confederates. I was slowly pushed back until one of my regiments routed, causing another to shake but the third held firm in skirmish. Slowly I pulled back my forces to a church and stone wall and was able to deal some serious casualties to the Confederates. I unfortunately had to leave the stone wall having to disengage because I was outflanked by Confederates. Similarly my ally had to slowly backup which ended in a retirement for the brigade. On turn 7 a brigade showed up but it was too little too late. Good game though! We will play it again next week and see if I can hold better.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cold War Gone Hot IGB Attack

Sunday we are ramping up for another play test of the upcoming Cold War Gone Hot campaign by Ambush Alley Games. This time a small military compound right on the IGB (Inter-German Border) held by Americans is being attacked by six Russian cells and a VBIED. There are several small groups of unarmed soldiers training at the base with the base commander which start out in the main administrative building and armory. Most of these, however, are new recruits and have limited combat experience. Luckily increased Soviet military activity has been detected at the border and so NATO has setup quick reaction forces which patrol the border near targets of interest. The Americans are unaware of the attack and so the four gate guards and small group of nearby MPs will have a hard time fending off the Russians until the reaction force arrives.

The game table is setup and we are ready to being playing. I particularly enjoyed setting up the motor pool (not in the original scenario) and workshops (made of corrugated cardboard) to give it the feeling of a working base. The road passing by the gate guardhouse is also a nice touch as is the electric fencing around the perimeter of the base and the concentrina wire within the base.

The game should be a lot of fun and anyone who wishes to come out and give it a go is welcome to. We will be using Force on Force rules modified with the Cold War Gone Hot supplement.

Pictures of the checkpoint

Picture of the workshops and the main HQ building.