Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Road to Happy Home - Tomorrow's War Playtest Demo

My dad came over today and we played Tomorrow's War (The upcoming FOF game from Ambush Alley games set in the near future). The mission was between the French Foreign Legion (Republic of Arden) and the Democratic People's Republic of Glory. The game is set in 2238 (or thereabouts) on a planet called Glory. The mission was set in the village of Happy Home which is part of the DPRG. The RA was to send their intelligence team into Happy Home and scan for valuable information and to rescue the civilians whom the DRPG opened fire upon. The DRPG mission was to capture or kill the civilians and the RA's intel team. The DPRG has three apcs (cannot get into the details as it is a play test) that are basically the equivalent of a futuristic BMP90 and the RA has a futuristic version of the VBL and a VBM, the latter being armed with a pulse gun instead of a projectile weapon. The DRPG had three squads with two fire teams of four men each a light support weapon and a medium support AT weapon in each squad. The RA had a Cadre team of two fire teams and the intel team (each consisting of three men and a medium support weapon) and a squad of four fire teams of national guard types troops (each consisting of five men a medium support AT weapon and a light support weapon).

I allowed dad to pick sides first and he chose the DRPG. The game started with the RA having initiative and with the RA setup in the middle of town so I quickly put my VBM on over watch along with one guard fire team and set about having my intel team search buildings while one guard squad setup attacking the closest APC. Early on I had asked dad if he wanted to start in the APCs or out and he said he wanted to start inside them. We made our reaction tests and he declared one of his APCs to interrupt my action. His reaction roll passed but was less than mine and so I shot first. My shot resulted in a 1/2 movement and immediate casualty test roll for the APC. There was only one casualty and the result caused a bailout test which they failed. The two fire teams and crew and bailed out to cover nearby (permanently dropping a die in firepower and in morale). He shot back and tore up that unit with three successful casualties off the bat. Luckily the remaining guy passed his morale check and stayed. My intel team was successful in checking out a building and the guard team was not successful in convincing the civilians to come with them (failing my troop quality check).

The next turn had us rolling for initiative which dad got (and kept the rest of the game). I had to roll for my casualties and two of them were dead and one was serious wounded. His casualty roll resulted in his guy being seriously wounded. His crew failed their morale check to get back into the APC and the fire team that had been wounded moved rapidly to their CASEVAC point (successfully negating the point I would have gotten for a casualty). Another APC moved up towards the town which I answered with three fire teams interrupting (two of which passed and beat his reaction test so I got to fire first). This resulted in a disabling of the vehicles primary weapon and the crew making a casualty check. The crew survived and the first fire team only took one casualty but the other fire team took three casualties. The bailout check was passed. The guys decided to leave the vehicle and shot at my fire team who tried to interrupt but failed. They scored no hits either and it was a stalemate between his three fire teams and supporting damaged APC and my two guard fire teams and the cadre fire team.

When it was my turn I shot my VLM at his APC and brewed it up, his crew bailing out and getting casualties. Those casualties resulted in two wounded and one dead. He won initiative again and shot up my unit which was escorting the civilians. According to the rules on dependents if you get more failures than successes then one of the casualties has to be a dependent. His auto cannon wiped out the civilians who were inches from freedom but did noting to my unit. More shots were exchanged that turn including the one lone guy running into a mini cooper and it was destroyed by over watch fire. The lone guy bailed out and actually survived the test to become pinned behind a wall near the VBM. The next couple of turns was more of the same but resulted in only a few casualties per side.

Two turns later we were back in position to continue the fight as another unit of mine moved to join the hurt one and suffered three casualties. Luckily I shot back with two medium support weapons and a light weapon disabling the weapon on his final APC. He conceded the game at this point. After tallying the points the RA score was 28 and the DPRG score was 18 overall not bad and had he been able to shoot at my intel unit or capture it I would have lost. There were no pows and most of his units were neutralized where I had suffered the loss of one Cadre fire team and one guard fire team.

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