Friday, October 30, 2009

Full Thrust

Played a game of Full Thrust with pop yesterday in which I was the Eurasian Solar Union and he played the Centari. I was able to knock out his two battle cruisers and battle ship with my battle dreadnaught and battle cruiser. We used the pulse torpedoes, screens, missiles, point defense systems and fighters for the first time. We had a lot of fun.

At one point I was lucky to get to missiles through to his battle cruiser but they were deflected by the type one beam weapons. His two missiles got close but luckily my fighters had just won the dogfight and were flying CAP nearby and could engage the missiles.

He caused something total of 49 points whereas I caused about 72 points of damage and more crits. He rolled not so good as I did and he tried to out flank me whereas I kept my ships close together and attempted to use them as a wedge. We both concentrated fire on one ship but whereas he threw everything he had at my closest ships I attacked his capital ships one at a time even sacrificing the ability to shoot at other ships with weapons that did not cause much damage just to whittle him down.

In the end I won but it would have been different or at least closer had he rolled better.