Monday, October 12, 2009

All Along the Watchtower

This was a post back in November of last year on Fields of Fire. I am posting it here to showcase the project.

I am making a watchtower out of balsa, toothpicks, and modeling string and cocktail skewers. I'll let you guys know how it turns out. Here's the first picture about 1/2 though construction.

Update!!! I have finished assembling the tower and just primed it!

It is not yet weathered but it's time to post some pictures of what it will look like in action. Here's a mock VC attack. The squad VC also have the T34 that I just got from Forces of Valor today at Toys R Us. The US are in the Watchtower, the Radioman just called in Wombat54 the Hog.

VC Forces Move In

"Alpha Nine, this is Tower Bravo Two, We've Got Victor Charlie, Request Alfa Sierra at Ninety Two Delta. Over."

Copy Tower Bravo Two, this is Wombat54. We are in your position. We got Victor Charlie and a Tango sighted.

VC Sneaking through the woods

All along the watchtower So what do you guys think? I need to add sandbags which I guess I can do out of green stuff but have never done.

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