Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Steam Machines for British!

The British foot in mouth division test out their new Steam Spider and Steam Runners as they help to tame the Native Zulu's in Zululand. The driver of the Steam Spider said it handles like a fine thoroughbred and is eager to test the senior gunner's crew with their on board cannons.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Full Thrust

Played a game of Full Thrust with pop yesterday in which I was the Eurasian Solar Union and he played the Centari. I was able to knock out his two battle cruisers and battle ship with my battle dreadnaught and battle cruiser. We used the pulse torpedoes, screens, missiles, point defense systems and fighters for the first time. We had a lot of fun.

At one point I was lucky to get to missiles through to his battle cruiser but they were deflected by the type one beam weapons. His two missiles got close but luckily my fighters had just won the dogfight and were flying CAP nearby and could engage the missiles.

He caused something total of 49 points whereas I caused about 72 points of damage and more crits. He rolled not so good as I did and he tried to out flank me whereas I kept my ships close together and attempted to use them as a wedge. We both concentrated fire on one ship but whereas he threw everything he had at my closest ships I attacked his capital ships one at a time even sacrificing the ability to shoot at other ships with weapons that did not cause much damage just to whittle him down.

In the end I won but it would have been different or at least closer had he rolled better.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Today we also tried some VSF using Confederate and Union forces
and a modified Iron Frontier crit chart using TSATF rules.

The union forces had four regiments and were allowed to use the British Infantry rules. In addition they had a Land Ironclad (USS Rhode Island), a medium Land Ironclad (USS Iowa) and two smaller Steam Scouts (T1 and T2). In addition they had three self-propelled steam driven batteries of three men each.

The Confederate forces had four regiments and used the Arab Infantry rules. In addition they had two CSA class medium Iron Clads (The Glory and The Shenandoah), One Land Ironclad on loan from the Germans (formerly the Wvern renamed the CSS Invincible), a hydrogen blimp, and two Martian allied walkers. In addition they had three self-propelled steam driven batteries of three men each.

This was a meeting engagement and the object was to wipe each other out. I wanted to test the rules for the critical hits etc to the Land Ironclads.

The game played very well and everyone had a great time. It took me using two batteries, the CSS Invincible, and a Martian walker to defeat the Rhode Island. A massive close combat battle ensued at the end which decimated both forces. In the end the Confederates took home a hollow victory as the Union were outclassed by the remaining confederate Iron Clads. All-in-all I think the rules played rather well and I will definitely do some modifications to the armor saves and give it another go.

Cold war gone hot, airborne attack

We played the scenario with the US paras and solidarity polish defending against the polish and soviet airborne. The game played very smoothly. The first turn the FOW cards were Additional Asset for the Soviets (they chose a T72) and ATGM team for the US side! For the solidarity polish I did not get sixes so the RPGs were not AT RPGs.

The first turn had the Soviet player rolling successful Whos Side are the On checks. The polish stayed allied with the soviets. The T55 started shooting at the Polish Solidarity in the buildings but were interrupted by two Dragon ATGM teams! The T55 brewed up on the first hit due to the fact that the dragons have an unmodified d3 firepower and we were using the alternate rules for vehicle combat. The second T55 reacted first and took down the building a unit of polish solidarity were in, killing only three of the polish. The polish shot back with their RPG but it caused no damage. The two Dragon ATGM teams (firing both with -1 firepower) attacked the T55 causing it to become tracked (1/2 movement) and forcing a bail out check which was passed. Finally, the T72 took out some more of the people in the building with a AT missile fired from the barrel and again the RPG (at a -1 firepower die) was useless.

Turn two had the T55 once again attacking the defending solidarity polish. The Dragon ATGM teams took out the T55 after it killed the remainder of the polish giving the soviets a bunch of victory points. The T72 killed the ATGM team on a building (leaving two teams). A polish unit moved forward and took cover near a farmhouse but was shot at by the solidarity polish and took four casualties. These were all kills as later determined. A FOW card for rain was drawn by the US player reducing visibility to 18" except for the Dragon ATGM teams, the A10 and the tanks.

The third turn the soviets rolled no reinforcements but they stayed. Turn three had the US moving into position to defend from the buildings More firefights resulted in more casualties for the solidarity and polish. The T72 brewed up after the FAS called in an A10 who dropped 250lb bombs on nearby infantry causing two kills. The US were able to convert two units of civilians to their side.

Turn four the Soviets got airborne reinforcements who came in the side of the board. The soviets drew Whats this wall made us Swiss Cheese and placed it on a well defended US position. The sergeant attempted to convert the third unit but rolled a 1 to the polish immediately defected to the soviet side. A nearby ATGM team attacked these polish who were forced to pull back to the courtyard in the square. The US then drew the swiss cheese card and placed it in the courtyard. So much for cover for either group...

Turn five through seven had the polish continue to press their attack with a T72 drawn for reinforcements. The US continued the battle and the fighter/bomber knocked out the T72 in the sixth turn but was shot down when the FAW rolled a 1 on the 7th turn. The polish rejoiced as they received another asset and a BDRM 2 arrived to help. Unfortunately the BDRM was not ready to fight (another FOW card) and decided to just watch it.

The final turns had the soviets attempting to cross the roads to get to the building but were fired on by a solidarity polish unit (10d6) a US unit (10d8) and a fireteam of US (6d8).

The US lost to the Soviets but only barely.

Pictures to follow...

Overall everyone enjoyed the heck out of this scenario. Thanks for a good game guys!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Cold War..Gone Hot

Going to be trying some Cold War Gone Hot scenarios for the upcoming Ambush Alley's recreation 'what if' campaign for the cold war. Should be interesting!

Monday, October 12, 2009

All Along the Watchtower

This was a post back in November of last year on Fields of Fire. I am posting it here to showcase the project.

I am making a watchtower out of balsa, toothpicks, and modeling string and cocktail skewers. I'll let you guys know how it turns out. Here's the first picture about 1/2 though construction.

Update!!! I have finished assembling the tower and just primed it!

It is not yet weathered but it's time to post some pictures of what it will look like in action. Here's a mock VC attack. The squad VC also have the T34 that I just got from Forces of Valor today at Toys R Us. The US are in the Watchtower, the Radioman just called in Wombat54 the Hog.

VC Forces Move In

"Alpha Nine, this is Tower Bravo Two, We've Got Victor Charlie, Request Alfa Sierra at Ninety Two Delta. Over."

Copy Tower Bravo Two, this is Wombat54. We are in your position. We got Victor Charlie and a Tango sighted.

VC Sneaking through the woods

All along the watchtower So what do you guys think? I need to add sandbags which I guess I can do out of green stuff but have never done.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Road

My daughter and I worked on a road today for my moderns. It was made by using a piece heavy duty of cardboard construction paper and then cut. The beautiful thing about this road is that I can use it as a one lane road or a two lane highway. I wanted to see what it looked like so I threw down some scenery and buildings and took some pictures. Let me know what you think!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hurricon 09 - Pulp Madness

Here are a few pictures from the Hurricon 09 Pulp Alley Game set in Hamanaptra Egypt.