Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's in the details

GMany of my readers have asked me for more details in my posts. I have looked over recent posts and agree with my readers. From now on you can expect an order of battle for each side detailing out the units, a brief description of the rules being used, highlights from the game, some interesting pointers or effects and what everyone thought of the game after it was through. This should be more than enough details to fill in what is missing. I will as always include pictures of the games as well as descriptions. The next game will probably not be until Thursday although that will most likely be Full Thrust but we shall have to wait and see.

I did get some new Rebel Miniatures figures yesterday. They are 15mm scifi figures including four spider walkers, two walkers from Gear Kreig, and forty-two infantry. They were all painted to a good standard and sent to me. I will be using them to play test a new set of Ambush Alley rules for Science Fiction that will be coming out.

In addition to the above Rebel Miniatures figures I obtained some really nice figures that remind me of that movie Dark City. These guys are bald wearing dark glasses with black button up trenchcoats that have blue lightning patterns going down the sides. They are very intereting and will be part of the villians for the Pulp Alley game at Hurricon this year.

I have been asked to take many pictures and get a good description of everyone's feelings and thoughts about the Pulp Alley game at Hurricon so that this information can be passed to the game's creator David. I am hoping to get a good crowd at the convention.

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