Monday, September 28, 2009

Back from Hurricon

We are back from Coca Beach, FL and Hurricon 09. This year we had a good time at the convention and I am happy to report that both Ambush Alley games went very well as did my Savage Worlds game. I will post more detailed information about each miniatures game as I am able to over the weekend and get pictures uploaded.

There were quite a few vendors at the event including Stan Johansen Miniatures, Tee Shirt Bordello, Stand To Miniatures, Tim Kuta Miniatures, Time Portal Hobbies, Arsenale Shipworks and The Battlefront to name but a few of my favorites. Unfortunately Miniature Building Authority was not able to make it to Hurricon this year due to the events in Atlanta, GA. My prayers and thoughts are with you in Atlanta that have suffered from the flooding.

The convention was a big success and I had a lot of fun. I was very careful and did not spend too much. I did get a few items including the farm house that MBA put out in 28mm during the fleamarket and a copy of Space Hulk/DeathWing to use for generic sci fi games as well as a few crew in the water and some tractors for my WWI/Victorian Sci Fi wargaming and a really nifty painted Whippet tank with German markings for Pulp. I also picked up some teeshirts for my wife and I and a plush Chipcthulhu for my wife (and a miniature from Stan that was beautifully painted to use as her character Kreek Eveningstar in our DND game which was a surprise).

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