Sunday, August 2, 2009

Watching Jerry (Sunday 8/2/09 Game)

Germans move down the road keeping an eye for Tommy in the bocage.

Germans setting up their LMGs.

Brits moving into position.

Under heavy fire!

The action intensifies!

Germans take one objective!

British OP team in position

Firefight between the Germans behind the bocage and the British rifle squad in the house.

The Germans move into position to attack the farmhouse with the British OP team inside!

Having completed their mission the OP team decide to evacuate

The Remainder of the British force occupies the bocage and waits for the patrol.

Germans - Find Tommy. Get three units (at least two LMGs) to the locations in the map (Farmhouse, Ruined Building, Wooded Hill)
Brits - Get the ops team to a location on the map (Farmhouse, Ruined build, Wooded Hill) and observe for three turns before leaving.

Brits - Two Squads, Leader, 2 Weapon Squads, Observation Team, AT Squad (Fog of War Draw)
Germans - Two Squads, 2 Weapons Squads , Leader

Final score:
Germans 22
British 18

German Decisive Victory!

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