Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Weekend of Gaming (Fourth of July)

This weekend I spent at home with the wife, kids, and my dad. I really enjoyed myself as I was able to complete another regiment of Confederates for Johnny Reb American Civil War. I only have one more regiment remaining to make a full brigade and then I will start on the Federal troops. Friday night was all about playing rock band and hanging out at our neighbor's house while they made margaritas with their Margaritaville machine. We had a good time over there and I am actually on medium with the drums now.

Saturday my dad came over and he, my wife and I played a few games. First we played Trailer Park Wars. In this game you are the trailer park manager and your job is to get as many pink flamingos as you are able. You have all kinds of cards to help out with this task including Surface to Trailer Missile and the ever present Alien Invasion card which forces you to suck up tenants into the alien ship. My wife Mel won this game.

Then we played the classic Twilight Creation's game Zombies. In this game each player controls themselves and the zombies and the goal is to get to the Helipad or to collect 25 zombies before the others. This game I won when I made it to the helipad.

Finally we played Betrayal at the House on the Hill. This is a horror game where everyone searches the house. While searching the house players pick up clues and reveal omens about the haunt. Once the haunt is revealed one player is chosen by the game mechanics as a traitor. This turned out to be me and the haunt was that I had invited people to my house to kill them because one of them was the heir to a fortune that I had stolen. I had hidden assassins throughout the house in hopes of eliminating the threat. Ultimately my dad was chosen by my wife as the heir and I was able to kill his character off. This was unlucky for them because one of the items that they had to have was the spear and I had it in my possession during the game so the only way to win was to kill me off. This is why I kept running around the house trying to not get caught.

The next day we played microarmor. Quickkreig a rules set developed by a friend of ours Mike Dubose. This battle was the battle of St. Vith, the opening of the Battle of the Bulge in WWII. We rolled for sides and I got the Americans. Dad did pretty well keeping his tanks away from mine but I had some hellacious rolling which ended up trashing about 12 of his tanks including some Tigers, most of his Panthers, and a Tiger II! He was able to destroy one of my Pershings which was hidden up in a building to get the cover modifiers. Most of my force was well dug into the town. This is historically accurate. The problem is that with the snowfall visibility was reduced to 30" for tanks. This made it difficult for my pershings to get a good shot at his tigers. We broke after a few hours of game play and decided to come back to the game later. I reinforced my dad with three panthers and a pair of tiger I tanks. I believe that I will ultimately win though if my dice keep rolling in the low teens and 03s!

After this we played another round of Trailer Park Wars followed by Zombies 4. Now in Zombies 4 the object is to get to the cabin and read a spell which will stop all the zombies from coming out of the grave. The problem is that now there are also zombie dogs which are meaner and faster than zombies. They are also harder to kill. In the end Mel ended up winning but not before we figured out that my game was missing ALL of the pages of the book of the undead. This really sucked because the pages gave a +1 to the die roll each time someone with pages in play tried to read the spell at the cabin. The starting roll needed is 6. I ended up adlibbing it so that we could get the game over with. Every round that someone was in the cabin added a +1 to the die roll. It was a close finish between Mel and I while poor dad was lost in the woods fighting off zombies.

Finally dad and I played War at Sea. The old SSI game that was a lot of fun back in the day. The object is for the Germans to get as many points as possible. The problem is that the Italians cannot leave the Med. Just like real life and that the Brits have a ton of old warships in the home fleet and a good number of aircraft carriers as well. The plus is that the Germans get a bunch of U Boats to harrass the Allies and keep them from obtaining victory. The only reason I won this game in the end is because I was able to get my last convoy to Russia for 3 points AND take the Barraic Sea from my dad when he didn't send any subs to attack the damaged Russian ships I had there.

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