Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pulp Alley - Wild West Heist

The Dragon Lady sends her minions toward the Wells Fargo, the Freeworld League assists the Pinkerton in bringing in a Well Fargo delivery truck while Dick Tracy and his gang of agents protect the life of the journalist sent from New York to take pictures of the town. This is the perfect pulp setup... Tomorrow night.. :D

The Dragon Lady in her car...

The Freeworld League speaking with the Pinkerton Agency in the farm house.

The Brothel has customers

The rules all seemed to come together without a hitch. The vehicle rules were good. I did not allow the driver to fire at all though when the car was moving fast. I did let the driver shoot with the -1fd when the car was going normal. We had a car chase scene at the end of the game and the big bad delivery truck with its large size bonuses in close combat knocked the crap out of the Society's Duisburg and the Dragon lady's Rolls. Dick Tracy was able to escort a prisoner to the hotel and help stop the Dragon Lady from robbing the bank. The dragon lady's Dr. Wu was able to get a few bags of money out of the nearby gun store and broke off with that instead. Everyone had a great time!
Father O'Malley and Sister Katie Ann.

Pics of the town

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