Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pirates on me birthday!

Today we played pirates! My old buddy Ray came over with his daughter Megan. My wife and I played the English defending the small outpost somewhere near Nassau against a pair of devilish pirate units! We used TSATF Boer War Brits for the English and my pirates figures I picked up from Dave (thanks Dave) at Rapier 2009 this year.

We used the Sword and the Carri bean modified heavily to TSATF rules (IE used D20 instead of D10 for firing etc.) The first couple of turns we volleyed back and forth shots at one another. I caused some heavy damage to Ray's ship and Megan sneaked down the river towards the outpost. Then Ray finally made it to the dock and his pirates, itching for a fight attempted to charge. They had the main Captain with them as well as their own ship's captain.

For two turns they stood there while they took on English musket fire as my wife pummeled away at his band of pirates who kept refusing to pass their charge. About the fourth turn they finally charged and that's when Steve a guy I met at a restaurant and invited to play yesterday showed up. We gave him a pirate ship and crew and he proceeded to pummel the town with cannon fire.

Then dad showed up and Ray's assault on the outpost left his pirates retreating for their boat. The rest of the game Ray sat off the coast and
pummeled the town.

By the end of the game the pirates had finally managed to breach the defenses and blow a large hole in the nearby wall with their cannon. The English fought valiantly but ended up defeated by the onslaught of so many pirates. The governor's daughter was taken and held for ransom, the pirates got the Crown Royale and won the day!

The pirates assail the weak point! and breach it! In the end Dad got the most plunder so he won. Yep dad won!

It was an all out attack using Sword and the Caribbean

10 pirates to a ship + captain + 2 crew per gun + 2 guns per ship. 3 pirate ships, 1 pirate over land and one admiral
Two ten men units of 10 for the Brits, 1 NCO each squad, 2 Guns with four crew each, One Lt., One Governor, Governor's Daughter

Pirate objectives: Capture treasure in the town, capture the gov daughter, kill brits.

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  1. Hey Looks great with the pirates and all how big was your table looks like a kitchen table game?