Thursday, July 2, 2009

It Lives..

OK so I've started a new blog. I have a Myspace, facebook and even a livejournal account. I have yet to get onto twitter but I suspect that will be in my future. I also have an account with linked for my network and business doings. This blog though is for one of my all time favorite passions - wargaming. That's right! This blog is dedicated to my wargaming be it miniatures or role-playing this blog will have various posts of my exploits into the wonderful hobby of wargaming. What is wargaming? It's one parts history two parts imagination and three parts modeling and painting mixed with a bit of architecture and development and there you go. Want to learn more? Stay tuned and I'll start posting pictures of recent games, projects, and craziness. For now, however, here's a brief glimpse into the hobby.

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