Friday, July 31, 2009

FOF Weekend

This weekend we're going to do the Watching Jerry scenario from the Force on Force book. I will post pics and an AAR sometime next week. The game looks like a lot of fun although I have not yet actually played Force on Force. The game is very simple. The Brits mission is to get an observation team over to one of three points on the board and the Germans are on patrol. I am not sure if I want to play the Jerrys or the Tommys. Either way though neither side gets tanks or AFVs. I am really looking forward to it because there are some interesting mechanics which are not found in Ambush Alley that are in Force on Force.

The ruined manse

The Wooded Hill

The Farmhouse


  1. ACG, I used to do Napoleonics before my schedule made it impossible. Haven't played in years, but we used to have these really massive battles that would last for days -- Russians, Prussians, Brits and French. We eventually got to the point of fielding multiple corps, after years of work.

  2. Check out the volleyfire blog. It's almost all nappys.

  3. ACG, Where is the volleyfire blog? Do you have a link?