Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Evil Dr. Mechania... Part I

After the pirate game I am hoping to convince my dnd group to play this... If not then it will happen next week on Thursday with John and I and my dad.

The causeway and the control room....

The cause way guarded by The Evil Dr. Mechania and a vat of aliens!

The Butcher of Ottawa looks down at his empire!

Sharks with freakin lasers!

The heroes arrive!

The evil lab was custom built by Jim who has left us for the time being and is serving his country!

Edit: We did play this game instead. A lot of fun was had by all. Unfortunately I was not able to get a picture of everyone playing or the game play itself. Sufficed to say that the director and entire film crew were eaten by a Degenerate Serpent Man who was summon by the Cultists. Indiana Jones and Corporal Dietrich had many rounds of fist-a-cuffs. Indiana was able to shut down a few generators and help shut down the machine. Rick and Eve O'Connell surprised many of the minion guards and the Sky Captain dropped in on everyone in full heroic style. Lastly James Bond and the Shadow were able to aid Dick Tracy in the attack against the Cultists and Nazis that had allied themselves with the Evil Dr. Mechania.

Cast of Characters:

The Good Guys -
Indiana Jones, Dr. Jones Sr., Prof Milo Milktoast, Bimbo - Played by Alex
The Shadow, Dick Tracy and squad of Flatfoots - Played by Leisl
Sky Captain and Mercs - Played by Raquel
James Bond and Secret Agent X - Played by Craig

The Bad Guys -
Senior Cultist Leader Orion - Played by Steve
Dragon Lady and Shewolf Nazis - Played by Mel (my wife!)
Col Dietrich and Falmschajer - Played by Randy
The Butcher of Ottawa - Played by Rob (Me)

The Ugly -
The Evil Dr. Mechania - Played by Rob
Hounds of Tindalos and Degenerate Serpent People - Played by Sean

Highlight of the night? The After action report.

From the mouth of the Serpent Person the movie was filmed as he had ate the cameraman and felt it was his duty to finish the movie...

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  1. Great blog!

    Thanks for your comments at my blog. I too am eager to give FOF a try.

    I have yet to get the hang of this thing; I see that you've figured out how to post your photos so they can be enlarged. I still can't figure that out!

    Keep up the good work!