Saturday, July 11, 2009

Colonial Thursday

This Thursday my bud John came over and we played a few games of The Sword and the Flame. I pulled my Pathans and his Dervish and he played his Egyptians. John and I played about three games total.

The first game had the Egyptians defending the town and blockhouse against the pathans and dervish horde. John had two units of ten men (with NCO making 11 men each) and a Kruup gun with four crew. I had two units of 10 men rifles (with NCO making 11 men) one of the rifles was jezzeils, and two ten men (with NCO making 11 men each) with swords, and a native field piece with four crew that broke down every other turn... The first game I had too many native rifles for my pathans. That one I creamed him.

The second game we set up the terrain differently and he set up the terrain to where he had a small fort defended by his Egyptians. I lost the unit of Jezzeils and strengthened my swords to 15 men (with NCO 16) each and kept the native field piece. This game was a much closer game but I was able to swarm the fort with my swords and get him into close combat. I was up one on the close combat. We would have been even had he been playing Brits. The final game was the same setup but I went to a six man group of rifles and gave him two cannons. This game John won but barely. The pathan rifles can be deadly when I roll well but John had better rolling than I. In the end the most even games were the last two.

The fort and my native piece from the first game that always rolled sixes and was disabled. I think I only got about two shots from this thing... 'What? You put the powder in and THEN you fire? That doesn't make any sense at all."

This is the blockhouse...

Here's his fort...

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