Monday, July 20, 2009

Ancient City Con - Ambush Alley

I ran two games at the Ancient City Convention this weekend in Jacksonville, FL of Ambush Alley. The first one was the "Eight Souls on Board" a Blackhawk down type scenario set in Somalia in the early 1990s. The second game was "Turkey Shoot" and "Contractor Trouble" set in modern day Iraq. The first game I had a kid playing insurgents with me and two more kids playing the US Rangers. The Regulars mission was to get to the downed Blackhawk and rescue the seven surviving passengers and crew of the UH-60.

The Rangers and Delta force fast roped down from the insertion point from a Blackhawk quickly establishing a parameter. Once this was established the Delta force boys moved in toward the blackhawk with their Pararescue guys. A nearby group of insurgents opened fire on the Regulars, attempting to interrupt their shooting. Unfortunately, the Rangers were unable to pass their reaction check and the insurgents were able to fire first. Heavy fire was sustained by the Rangers which resulted in one wounded and several flesh wounds. Most of the guys who felt the hot lead in the Ranger fire team were able to get back up. The Rangers returned fire and eliminated over 3/4 of the insurgent unit, then three of the insurgents deciding that they would rather be listening to someone talk about Allah instead of actually be with Allah decided to high tail it out of there due to shrinkage. The morale of the insurgents held as did the morale of the regulars who were not pinned. The co-pilot was rescued from the debris.

The second turn had the Delta force guys able to rescue two grunts from the wreckage of the helo. They took light fire from some nearby insurgents who got the jump on them but were expecting it and dodged out of the way and into cover so that no one was hurt. In response they took out three insurgents who were taking cover behind a VW. The Pararescue was only able to reach two guys in the burning wreckage this turn. The Rangers moved to back up the Delta by taking positions in a building next to the LZ. The Fire team leader spotted a group of civilians and identified them as a threat as the civilians began to pull weapons before they were shot. The Rangers were able to nullify the threat of the insurgent force by spraying the crowd down which eliminated them. Due to his discretion the Fire team leader was promoted to Sergeant after this decision. Unfortunately the Delta force reacted too late to see the CNN news crew setting up shop nearby and two civilians were killed along with one member of the ranger team. The rangers morale held however and they returned fire on the insurgents eliminating them all and missing the civilians.

The third turn had more insurgents showing up to the party and the rangers moved to help the Delta force out by moving to the downed Blackhawk and setting up a firing line. An APC arrived as well from the fog of war giving the Rangers the upper hand! The insurgents attempted to blow the Bradley away with an AT-RPG but the vehicle was only tracked and was slowed. Quickly the Delta force moved in and picked up three more guys.

The fourth turn had the delta and rangers pinned down in a firefight. The insurgents were massed nearby and all the regulars could do was to hunker down in cover and return fire as best as they were able to the four groups insurgents plastering their forces. The Bradley shot up the group of insurgent that attacked it but was tracked fully and lost all movement by the AT-RPG. The remaining insurgents fled back into the market. The driver radioed for help. At this point the delta operator decided to have the Blackhawk (who was helping provide fire support) land in a nearby field for extraction since the Bradley was so badly damaged. It was a risky maneuver and the pilot had to dodge many rpg attacks but in the end was successful in landing the bird in the field. The delta force guys pulled out the remaining souls in the wreckage and double-timed it to the Blackhawk.

More reinforcements for the insurgents arrive and the next turn had the regulars running for the cover of the helo as the insurgents attempted to attack both the landed helo and the regulars. A few more wounded were scored for the insurgents but the regulars kept dwindling their forces. The helo was able to take off and with one more rpg round missing the helo, crew, and passengers were safely flown out of harm’s way, leaving the fire team of rangers who had just radioed for help to mop up the insurgents left to clean up the mess. End of game win – Regulars by a few points.

I will post the AAR of the Turkey Shoot/Contractor Trouble game a bit later along with pics from both games. These games were played by a couple of Marines who drew a LAV for contracting trouble and already had the LVTP for Turkey Shoot.

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