Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ambush Alley - 8 souls left

Last weekend we played Ambush Alley's Day of the Ranger's "8 Souls Left". This is a mission that happened in Somalia better known in the popular book and movie as "Black Hawk Down" about Super Six Eight. The game was played between Larry and myself. This game was a heck of a lot of fun. We played for a couple of hours and in the end the US was able to make it to the evac point and evacuate the wounded.

I played the Insurgents and he had the US and several squads including Rangers and Pararescue and some Delta. I am not going to get into the TO&E due to the fact that it is a published product and I am sure that Shawn would not want me to.

Check out for their products! Great stuff!

I also do demos and will be doing a demo up at Ancient City Con
and also Hurricon These are offical demos sponsored by Ambush Alley Games. I'd love to have you come out and check out the system!

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