Friday, July 31, 2009

FOF Weekend

This weekend we're going to do the Watching Jerry scenario from the Force on Force book. I will post pics and an AAR sometime next week. The game looks like a lot of fun although I have not yet actually played Force on Force. The game is very simple. The Brits mission is to get an observation team over to one of three points on the board and the Germans are on patrol. I am not sure if I want to play the Jerrys or the Tommys. Either way though neither side gets tanks or AFVs. I am really looking forward to it because there are some interesting mechanics which are not found in Ambush Alley that are in Force on Force.

The ruined manse

The Wooded Hill

The Farmhouse

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pulp Alley - Wild West Heist

The Dragon Lady sends her minions toward the Wells Fargo, the Freeworld League assists the Pinkerton in bringing in a Well Fargo delivery truck while Dick Tracy and his gang of agents protect the life of the journalist sent from New York to take pictures of the town. This is the perfect pulp setup... Tomorrow night.. :D

The Dragon Lady in her car...

The Freeworld League speaking with the Pinkerton Agency in the farm house.

The Brothel has customers

The rules all seemed to come together without a hitch. The vehicle rules were good. I did not allow the driver to fire at all though when the car was moving fast. I did let the driver shoot with the -1fd when the car was going normal. We had a car chase scene at the end of the game and the big bad delivery truck with its large size bonuses in close combat knocked the crap out of the Society's Duisburg and the Dragon lady's Rolls. Dick Tracy was able to escort a prisoner to the hotel and help stop the Dragon Lady from robbing the bank. The dragon lady's Dr. Wu was able to get a few bags of money out of the nearby gun store and broke off with that instead. Everyone had a great time!
Father O'Malley and Sister Katie Ann.

Pics of the town

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ancient City Con - Ambush Alley

I ran two games at the Ancient City Convention this weekend in Jacksonville, FL of Ambush Alley. The first one was the "Eight Souls on Board" a Blackhawk down type scenario set in Somalia in the early 1990s. The second game was "Turkey Shoot" and "Contractor Trouble" set in modern day Iraq. The first game I had a kid playing insurgents with me and two more kids playing the US Rangers. The Regulars mission was to get to the downed Blackhawk and rescue the seven surviving passengers and crew of the UH-60.

The Rangers and Delta force fast roped down from the insertion point from a Blackhawk quickly establishing a parameter. Once this was established the Delta force boys moved in toward the blackhawk with their Pararescue guys. A nearby group of insurgents opened fire on the Regulars, attempting to interrupt their shooting. Unfortunately, the Rangers were unable to pass their reaction check and the insurgents were able to fire first. Heavy fire was sustained by the Rangers which resulted in one wounded and several flesh wounds. Most of the guys who felt the hot lead in the Ranger fire team were able to get back up. The Rangers returned fire and eliminated over 3/4 of the insurgent unit, then three of the insurgents deciding that they would rather be listening to someone talk about Allah instead of actually be with Allah decided to high tail it out of there due to shrinkage. The morale of the insurgents held as did the morale of the regulars who were not pinned. The co-pilot was rescued from the debris.

The second turn had the Delta force guys able to rescue two grunts from the wreckage of the helo. They took light fire from some nearby insurgents who got the jump on them but were expecting it and dodged out of the way and into cover so that no one was hurt. In response they took out three insurgents who were taking cover behind a VW. The Pararescue was only able to reach two guys in the burning wreckage this turn. The Rangers moved to back up the Delta by taking positions in a building next to the LZ. The Fire team leader spotted a group of civilians and identified them as a threat as the civilians began to pull weapons before they were shot. The Rangers were able to nullify the threat of the insurgent force by spraying the crowd down which eliminated them. Due to his discretion the Fire team leader was promoted to Sergeant after this decision. Unfortunately the Delta force reacted too late to see the CNN news crew setting up shop nearby and two civilians were killed along with one member of the ranger team. The rangers morale held however and they returned fire on the insurgents eliminating them all and missing the civilians.

The third turn had more insurgents showing up to the party and the rangers moved to help the Delta force out by moving to the downed Blackhawk and setting up a firing line. An APC arrived as well from the fog of war giving the Rangers the upper hand! The insurgents attempted to blow the Bradley away with an AT-RPG but the vehicle was only tracked and was slowed. Quickly the Delta force moved in and picked up three more guys.

The fourth turn had the delta and rangers pinned down in a firefight. The insurgents were massed nearby and all the regulars could do was to hunker down in cover and return fire as best as they were able to the four groups insurgents plastering their forces. The Bradley shot up the group of insurgent that attacked it but was tracked fully and lost all movement by the AT-RPG. The remaining insurgents fled back into the market. The driver radioed for help. At this point the delta operator decided to have the Blackhawk (who was helping provide fire support) land in a nearby field for extraction since the Bradley was so badly damaged. It was a risky maneuver and the pilot had to dodge many rpg attacks but in the end was successful in landing the bird in the field. The delta force guys pulled out the remaining souls in the wreckage and double-timed it to the Blackhawk.

More reinforcements for the insurgents arrive and the next turn had the regulars running for the cover of the helo as the insurgents attempted to attack both the landed helo and the regulars. A few more wounded were scored for the insurgents but the regulars kept dwindling their forces. The helo was able to take off and with one more rpg round missing the helo, crew, and passengers were safely flown out of harm’s way, leaving the fire team of rangers who had just radioed for help to mop up the insurgents left to clean up the mess. End of game win – Regulars by a few points.

I will post the AAR of the Turkey Shoot/Contractor Trouble game a bit later along with pics from both games. These games were played by a couple of Marines who drew a LAV for contracting trouble and already had the LVTP for Turkey Shoot.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Case of the Ergonomic Egyptians

Last night I had a few people over to play test Pulp Alley. The mission was a simple treasure hunt in Egypt but the challenges and perils that awaited our brave and vicious heroes and villains were many and difficult. Here are some pictures of the game. I am waiting from AARs from everyone. The game mechanics will be left out due to this being a play test of a rule set that has not yet been released. Enjoy!

The temple complex.

John and Ria.

Kid Joe enters the temple..look out for the spear traps!

The Dragon Lady and her Doctor explore the ruins.

My wife and my dad.

Yes that is a Dalek in the temple!

More Daleks on attack.

The Free World Society fights a Dalek while attempting to complete a Peril Challenge.

Cultist of the Mysterious Dr. Fu versus a Gou'uld.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Evil Dr. Mechania... Part I

After the pirate game I am hoping to convince my dnd group to play this... If not then it will happen next week on Thursday with John and I and my dad.

The causeway and the control room....

The cause way guarded by The Evil Dr. Mechania and a vat of aliens!

The Butcher of Ottawa looks down at his empire!

Sharks with freakin lasers!

The heroes arrive!

The evil lab was custom built by Jim who has left us for the time being and is serving his country!

Edit: We did play this game instead. A lot of fun was had by all. Unfortunately I was not able to get a picture of everyone playing or the game play itself. Sufficed to say that the director and entire film crew were eaten by a Degenerate Serpent Man who was summon by the Cultists. Indiana Jones and Corporal Dietrich had many rounds of fist-a-cuffs. Indiana was able to shut down a few generators and help shut down the machine. Rick and Eve O'Connell surprised many of the minion guards and the Sky Captain dropped in on everyone in full heroic style. Lastly James Bond and the Shadow were able to aid Dick Tracy in the attack against the Cultists and Nazis that had allied themselves with the Evil Dr. Mechania.

Cast of Characters:

The Good Guys -
Indiana Jones, Dr. Jones Sr., Prof Milo Milktoast, Bimbo - Played by Alex
The Shadow, Dick Tracy and squad of Flatfoots - Played by Leisl
Sky Captain and Mercs - Played by Raquel
James Bond and Secret Agent X - Played by Craig

The Bad Guys -
Senior Cultist Leader Orion - Played by Steve
Dragon Lady and Shewolf Nazis - Played by Mel (my wife!)
Col Dietrich and Falmschajer - Played by Randy
The Butcher of Ottawa - Played by Rob (Me)

The Ugly -
The Evil Dr. Mechania - Played by Rob
Hounds of Tindalos and Degenerate Serpent People - Played by Sean

Highlight of the night? The After action report.

From the mouth of the Serpent Person the movie was filmed as he had ate the cameraman and felt it was his duty to finish the movie...

Pirates on me birthday!

Today we played pirates! My old buddy Ray came over with his daughter Megan. My wife and I played the English defending the small outpost somewhere near Nassau against a pair of devilish pirate units! We used TSATF Boer War Brits for the English and my pirates figures I picked up from Dave (thanks Dave) at Rapier 2009 this year.

We used the Sword and the Carri bean modified heavily to TSATF rules (IE used D20 instead of D10 for firing etc.) The first couple of turns we volleyed back and forth shots at one another. I caused some heavy damage to Ray's ship and Megan sneaked down the river towards the outpost. Then Ray finally made it to the dock and his pirates, itching for a fight attempted to charge. They had the main Captain with them as well as their own ship's captain.

For two turns they stood there while they took on English musket fire as my wife pummeled away at his band of pirates who kept refusing to pass their charge. About the fourth turn they finally charged and that's when Steve a guy I met at a restaurant and invited to play yesterday showed up. We gave him a pirate ship and crew and he proceeded to pummel the town with cannon fire.

Then dad showed up and Ray's assault on the outpost left his pirates retreating for their boat. The rest of the game Ray sat off the coast and
pummeled the town.

By the end of the game the pirates had finally managed to breach the defenses and blow a large hole in the nearby wall with their cannon. The English fought valiantly but ended up defeated by the onslaught of so many pirates. The governor's daughter was taken and held for ransom, the pirates got the Crown Royale and won the day!

The pirates assail the weak point! and breach it! In the end Dad got the most plunder so he won. Yep dad won!

It was an all out attack using Sword and the Caribbean

10 pirates to a ship + captain + 2 crew per gun + 2 guns per ship. 3 pirate ships, 1 pirate over land and one admiral
Two ten men units of 10 for the Brits, 1 NCO each squad, 2 Guns with four crew each, One Lt., One Governor, Governor's Daughter

Pirate objectives: Capture treasure in the town, capture the gov daughter, kill brits.

Colonial Thursday

This Thursday my bud John came over and we played a few games of The Sword and the Flame. I pulled my Pathans and his Dervish and he played his Egyptians. John and I played about three games total.

The first game had the Egyptians defending the town and blockhouse against the pathans and dervish horde. John had two units of ten men (with NCO making 11 men each) and a Kruup gun with four crew. I had two units of 10 men rifles (with NCO making 11 men) one of the rifles was jezzeils, and two ten men (with NCO making 11 men each) with swords, and a native field piece with four crew that broke down every other turn... The first game I had too many native rifles for my pathans. That one I creamed him.

The second game we set up the terrain differently and he set up the terrain to where he had a small fort defended by his Egyptians. I lost the unit of Jezzeils and strengthened my swords to 15 men (with NCO 16) each and kept the native field piece. This game was a much closer game but I was able to swarm the fort with my swords and get him into close combat. I was up one on the close combat. We would have been even had he been playing Brits. The final game was the same setup but I went to a six man group of rifles and gave him two cannons. This game John won but barely. The pathan rifles can be deadly when I roll well but John had better rolling than I. In the end the most even games were the last two.

The fort and my native piece from the first game that always rolled sixes and was disabled. I think I only got about two shots from this thing... 'What? You put the powder in and THEN you fire? That doesn't make any sense at all."

This is the blockhouse...

Here's his fort...