Friday, June 7, 2019

Joan of Arc Time of Legends - First Scenario

Fun game! Remember you activate areas NOT units . This means units can move rather quickly across the battlefield! Just played the first scenario and I played the English vs my son playing French Knights. I held and was successful in starving out the l civilians and killing the French hero. He took out my hero, Earl of Lancaster but victory was achieved for the English Types-a!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Aliens vs Ripley and Marines

Today I dusted off the old Warengine rules and tiles my buddy Arthur Wilson sold me back in the day.

We recreated Aliens with Ripley, Newt, and Gormon separated from Hicks, Drake, Hudson, Wierbowski, and Vasquez.

The mission, get Newt out at all costs!

The aliens were able to move through the ducts quickly maneuvering several warriors into combat with Wierbowski slaughtering the private in the first few turns. Luckily, Hicks was on hand and the first wave was destroyed by combined concentrated fire.

Meanwhile Ripley located a ladder and crawling up into the next room shes attacked by another three aliens, which she eliminates with her combo flame rifle.

Next up the remaining marines setup a defensive parameter a few rooms away from Ripley and team hoping to hold up until they arrived. The aliens launched another attack, this time from multiple sizes gather many forces in wave after wave until they exhausted poor Hudson who was claimed by the penetrating tail attack straight through his abdomen!

The marines returned fire and shot several bugs before they could reach the room while on overwatch. The second and third wave were defeated. The fourth took up positions around a central room.

Ripley and company continue to move up to the next room where they are attacked by several more waves of aliens. Many bugs get close and several force her to use her hero points to add to the carnage. Ripley manages to defeat both waves five and six.

Wave four charges into the fray and slaughters poor Hicks. Vasquez has has enough and makes mince pie out of wave four. The last two marines setup a final defense.

Ripley is again swarmed by a seventh wave and the massive queen rushes out to meet her. Several rounds of hand to hand and gun to teeth combat have Ripley and the queen locked in mortal combat. Both sides spend many hero points and attempt to outsmart and outgun the other.

In the end, Ripley was defeated but not before Gorman and Newt high tail it to another ladder and scale down to the next room!

A happy reunion is brief but both survivors are glad to see each other.

Now it is just a race to race to the finish. The alien queen, causing massive ruckus moving swiftly though the duct work. The final stand. The alien queen charges into the room but is unable to get to the marines or to Newt.

Vasquez and Hudson open up causing a deep wound to open on the queen. Newt and the Lt rush to safety of the retrieval boat while Vasquez and Hudson stay to defeat the queen or die trying.

She charges forward and attacks, Hudson somehow dodging the queens claws, bite, and nasty tail! He returns fire and she rolls to block. She misses it by one! She is out of points and cannot reroll!

The queen dies.

Body count is in the final picture with 27 alien warriors and one queen killed compared to three marines and Ripley killed.

Victory - Marines

Monday, August 6, 2018

House of Adam's Interviews - Uri Kurlianchik - Noblesse Oblige

Welcome back!

Today, I had the honor of speaking with a longtime online friend for the first time over Facebook messenger VOIP. In this podcast we talk about his book, Noblesse Oblige which is already out and available on Amazon and other retailers. The book is about a Princess, an auction, and future corporations ran by people with stiff upper lips and tenacity. Uri has spoken with me in depth about the book and while I have not yet read the book, it sounds like it is steeped with intrigue and peppered with a fun plot!

In addition to being a fellow writer, Uri is also a fellow veteran game master and like me also runs games with kiddos. In this podcast we also speak about a few tales of his past games and what worked for him. Uri also gives us his top five suggestions to running a good game. 

Listen to the podcast at House of Adams

Book Description:

In a universe where corporate scions hold aristocratic titles and wield absolute power, a young princess embarks on a mission of mercy to find a new home for the refugees created by her father’s many wars. To her dismay, an invitation to an isolated planetoid that could serve as the perfect home for the poor exiles turns out to be a ploy by the infamous Baron Von Schmidt to add yet another outrage to his repertoire. What starts as an exclusive party in her honor is soon revealed to be something far more sinister: a depraved auction where the item on sale is her royal highness and the bidders are a who’s who of the galaxy’s worst scoundrels! With only enemies in sight and no way to call for help, the young princess has no choice but to rescue herself. This will not be easy. Her foes include a Chinese space pirate, a young Russian duelist, a high-tech samurai, a Venusian Mafiosi, two expert French poisoners recently returned from the horror vacui, a floating Swiss banker of unimaginable wealth, and a British gentleman who also happens to be a pterodactyl. Her arsenal consists of vague memories from classes she mostly slept through, a pile of gadgets for which she’s never read the user manual, and a ferret.

You can find it here:

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Playing or running large game of people in a tabletop rpg or even a miniature game can be quite daunting. In this podcast I talk about tips and tricks that I use for running up to 15 people at a time!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Power Gamer and Game Advice Podcasts

Over on my podcast channel, The House ofAdams, I have been doing sessions on power gaming (how to), roleplaying, game design, adventure design, and live sessions. Check out the tips and tricks in each episode!

New Photo Editor

I found a fun new photo editor on the play store today and of course I had to play with it.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Cmon Legionnnaire demos- Rise of Moloch - Steampunk Boardgame

Greetings fellow gamers! I'm planning on coming up again on Friday for game night at the Mall of Waycross. Starts around 6. I will be bringing Rise of Moloch, steampunk boardgame by Cool Mini or Not with me. So grab your aether goggles and get ready for adventures in steam and intrigue!

Check us out on YouTube, podbean, and iTunes.

Saturday, May 12, 2018


A lot of great new people on my site. A few things.

I run a YouTube channel and a podbean channel where I post pre recorded unedited game sessions.  and HouseofAdams on YouTube

I cohost on

I am Dastardly Designed Games on and

I also host a blog but I do not update it often at

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Dreary Hamlet

We played Dreary Hamlet today. A buddy of mine backed it on Kickstarter and he's been itching to play so we put it on the table.

This was a fun game. You play monster hunters in a town that will eventually be overrun by monsters. Whoever has the most gold (ash) when everyone is dead wins.

The game turns are separated into day and night. During the day, each player makes three actions; sell, eat, equip, or fight a monster. Then play proceeds to the next player and so on. Each monster is only hurt by one of five ammunition types, salt, bone,  iron, wood, and silver. To fight you must have the correct ammunition selected. Each monster also has numbers on the left representing hits, defense, damage, and strength and one number to the right representing the number of loot cards one gets for defeating the monster.

A fight lasts until all hits are taken from the creature. To hit you roll five dice vs the monsters defense. All dice that equal or exceed the monsters defense cause a hit. If the monster takes all the hits the player gets the number of loot cards indicated on the monster card. At this time a player may loot the dungeon as an action for one more loot card. If the player does not kill the monster the first turn it retaliates and rolls the number of dice equal to it's damage. All dice that score equal to or higher than the monsters strength are hits. Play continues until one or the other are dead.

All loot has a gold value and some loot has a food value. A player may play one action and eat as many food cards as they wish to heal.

A player may use spells or craft at any time. To use a spell simply play it and do what it says.  To craft, a player may use the indicated number of cards on the item they are wanting to craft as shown on the craft card.  These items are worth more than the base loot indicates.

The game continues until everyone is dead. The dead players play ghosts with nasty cards that they can use to screw over the living. I died and came back again with mine! Hahaha.

Fun game 3 1/2 out of 5.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Live Sessions of Tuladyenth

That's right! We started recording the video of our Tuladyenth sessions for 5th edition dnd games this week! We have continued to keep up our audio site at but we have updated our youtube channel as well at

Check out our latest video!

Happy gaming!