Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Mines of Naeyter

Holy crap that was an epic game! The party found a secret tunnel that led from the inn where they were staying to a cavern complex in an abandoned salt mine. They followed the trail left by whatever had ported the cargo from the abandoned wagons. The hunch was that the cult must be using lizardmen to porter the stolen goods.

As they entered the mines they wee ambushed by a small group of grick. Not long after they heard the tell tale sounds of bigger creatures and a massive grick emerged from the crevices and attacked the party with a mighty breath weapon of corrosive gas.

The wizard used a fire ball and toasted it's three young and damaged it. It attacked but began to retreat into the pit. Oh not on my watch!  The paladin used misty step to teleport 30 feet above a massive grick monster hanging from the side of the cliff after the monk charged at it and critically hit it the same time it critically hit her and swallowed her whole.

The paladin Crit the grick with one swing and out fell the monk as the wizard hurled fireballs and a zombie dragon came out of its lair but then retreated back into it once it saw the carnage.  Unfortunately, the monks bloodlust and the paladins justice kicked in and they charged with haste at the cave where the zombie dragon had just appeared.

Another epic battle ensued with the cleric turning undead and channeling the might of Bahamut. The zombie dragon and a horde of zombies fought hard against the players. In the end, the zombie dragon was defeated by combined arms although the heroes were on the brink and and deaths door more than once,  they were victorious. They claimed the 5000 gold it was sitting upon as its bed

Licking wounds and hurrying out of the mines they came to a set of narrow stairs that had multiple empty sacks and treasure dropped in the halls.

They then emerged from the mines into the Mire of Dead Men and saw the castle Naeyter in the distance signifying their next target.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Savage Worlds - Deathlands

I have been running Hell on Earth meets a combination of post-apocalyptic Graphic Audio book series for about three months. I have used Savage Worlds Hell on Earth as the rules. We are loving the fast-playing rules and I love the ease at making stuff up and rulings on the fly. 

So far the players have worked their way out of the hospital they woke up in fifty years in the future, fought through some sec men and robot cops, zombies, ghosts, manatu, reapers, and bike gangs while searching and scrounging everywhere. They've learned the ville they are in is ran by a guy calling himself Ronald. The new tech and info is their ace on the line since they chilled the barons second.

Last night they entered the next phase of the game and learned from Project Cerebus about the Multiplex and time streams. They were given black suits and told they could pretty much go anywhere.  When asked who it was the smoking man appearing on an air display holo vid just said to call him Mr. Johnson or Archon.

Now I have effectively opened up the players to Weird WW1, WW2, Colonial, Vietnam,  Modern, Future, Fantasy, Shaintar, Pulp, anywhere. They have effectively become apocalyptic time agents but the game is still very much gritty and tough.

For starters, they have no control over the mat Trans (matter transmitters) except they can attempt to strongly think of the same place and convince the machine to take them to that place, time, etc in relative terms. Secondly, items and tech, weapons and gear does not transfer outside of its invention period. In other words, one cannot bring an uzi to the middle-ages because it was not invented yet. Thirdly, should they cross paths (cross the streams) with themselves on a different time stream they may be tossed into a time vortex or lost in the abyss. The key from each time or place is dependent upon the theme and not all areas have mat trans. So, now they are at the whim of the Archon. They can stay in Mortiston USA or they can go somewhere or some when else.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Icfbts Truck Killing Chicken

What a blast this weekend!  We gamed every day and Sunday was no exception! We played ICFBTS and I dusted off my original minis for the event.

The scenario was a simple one with aliens vs Hillbillies instead of a free-for-all like I usually do. The objectives were whoever wiped out an entire faction of aliens or hillbillies first won. The secondary objectives were aliens had to get both beacons up and find both stills or the hillbillies had to destroy all tripod and ufos. I setup the table with the kids to ensure maximum interaction. This type of game really needs to start close so the action is right away!

The kids took on the role of the aliens with mom and my pop, Eric, and myself took on the role of the hillbillies. My son Faelan played the Cephs, Madison played Grays, and Mel took her favorite Blobs. I played the Hatfields, Eric took the McCoy's, and Dad took the O'Dairys.

Immediately Faelan shot up poor Daryl Hatfield with his tripod. Daryl shot back and with the help of his kin he took down the tripod in the second round. Faelan wasn't too happy but vowed revenge, using his mind control ability on the O'Dairys to get them to run for the hills.

Meanwhile the Grays had by turn three succeeded in finding both a still and a beacon and destroying one and repairing the other. The gray warriors blasted that green stuff at the Hatfields but one lone warrior met his match at the hands of Rex Hatfield.

Neuron and Ma clashed head-to-head and bad words and well aimed shots were exchanged between Ma, her kids, and the aliens.

On the opposite side of the board the battle raged on and the Blobs took on the McCoy's in full assault sneaking in under the cover of their flatten ability and by the woods. The McCoy's used their jalopy to stage a ground assault that general patton would find tactical while the Blobs began to fall one-by-one.

Then the car - hating fire-breathing atomic mutant chicken showed up and started to tear through tractors, trucks, and tripods.

The grays beamed up the last blob, junior
It was too late. The Hillbillies worked together to bring down the ufo. Ma seduced the alien leader who is now in recovery therapy as Happy O'Dairy slammed the tractor into the chicken.

The aliens, just as they repaired the last beacon, heard the cries of defeat as Neuron slammed down hard into a corn field, his ufo a pile of junk.

Victory Hillbillies

Thursday, March 31, 2016

7th Sea Setup

I'm running "A Lady's Favor" starting this Friday. It will be a biweekly game that will take place all over Theah. My players are all new to the system and I'm new to gming it.

My plan is to keep it light-hearted and fast fun, keeping to the spirit of the Princess Bride and Erryl Flynn movies. What brought me a renewed interest was the announcement of John Wick's 7th sea Second Ed kickstarter; which I gleefully backed.

This is a whole new group and it should be very exciting indeed!

This is a setup from Montaigne using Miniature Building Authority buildings. The players will start here in the courtyard outside of market square when they hear a woman's cry for help! From there they will go on to high adventure and cinematic combat with musketeers and who knows what else!

2016 posts

Here's to a new year with new experiences and new ideas. I hope to return to gaming and geek posts on this blog so without further adieu.  Don't dream it, be it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pen and Paper Pathfinder

I am running Skulls and Shackles for the players on Tuesdays and as I am moving soon we have packed up much of the miniatures and terrain and what not so I decided to go full old school. It was not very difficult for me to get back into the swing of things as I ran that way for years and I still run this way when it comes to some games. The fun was the Pathfinder players who are usually so tactically oriented were able to focus more on their character interaction and less on the precision of their attacks. It was actually a lot of fun and as they fought the cyclops in the ruins they were pleased with the quick sequence of game play that was in part due to the fact that we were not using miniatures. The other added effect is everyone was paying more attention to what I said and really listened to the explanations I gave on their surroundings.

Here is the only shot of the game:

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dinosaur Kiddos Game

Tonight we had a kiddos dinosaur vs dinosaur deathmatch game. The object was to be the last dinos standing. The kids could bug out anytime and decide they want to leave the hunting and foraging grounds to others. We had a great fun game with one of the kids stating "He has dino meat is his mouth" and "Bite her head off!" and "Oh that really hurt!" The winner was the Stegosaurus after all the TRexes bailed! My eldest daughter Madison really held her own as a Triceratops versus so many meat eaters ganging up on her!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Monster Keepers Goes Live

Monster Keepers

Monster Keepers is a lighthearted Meta game meant to compliment any role-playing game system. This game encourages both meta-gaming AND micromanagement from the players.

You should already be proficient with or at least possess a passing familiarity with role-playing games in order to use this product. Therefore you should already know what you need for this game but just to be sure you will need dice, cards, miniatures (or some other way of representing where things are), dungeons, and imagination.

This game is not a stand-alone product. You will need any of the countless varieties of fantasy role-playing game systems out there. This game does not provide statistics or rules for running the player characters or monsters. This game provides a foundation for running the dungeon and random charts for what happens during the course of managing the dungeon.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Kiddos Game

Had our first neighborhood friends kiddos game last night. It was myself and my buddy Mike with nine kiddos. Their mission was to get the map of the doughnut chamber from the ogre brute Blizduk. I used a home brew quick d6 system for it that had three stats and some skills and told the kids they could do whatever they wanted.
They had a blast and so did yours truly. Sharing my love of the game with so many young minds was a real treat.
Highlights of the game included the Robot tossing an ogre ax at the brute, Adrian going full baseball on a goblin, Izzy taking out multiple goblins and then sitting down to read about them with her barbarian, Lilly using flame thrower spells on eveything, Madison following in her mom's footsteps with an elf with a bow, Dominic and Vincent ninja and thief sneaking around, and Eli and Jonas coordinated delving and ambushing.
At the end of the game, Vincent said "why can't we play tomorrow? Two weeks is too long! " That it is boyo. That it is!